Great choices for parents in Children’s Footwear

Taking Care of Busy Feet

Hopscotch Kids is Galway’s only shoe shop that is exclusive to children.

We all know our kids! They want style and the latest trends – this is why we carry the  brands in children’s footwear for style and comfort: Pediped, Pod, Chipmunks, Xti Kids, Gioseppo Kids and J’hayber all bring the look and style but also the durability and shoe design to make the shoes fun and safe.

Our range caters from infants right through to teens with shoes for every day comfort including trainers and footwear for those special occasions, communion, confirmation, weddings and of course school.

Established in 2015, Hopscotch Kids has quickly become a favorite for both parents and kids in Galway. As well as our fantastic range of shoes, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, warm and welcoming environment. Why not come and visit us today?

Leading Brands that Marry Form with Function

While purchasing clothing for children is mainly a cosmetic pursuit, the shoes you choose for children can affect their overall health. Shoes affect their balance and alignment, and improperly fitted and badly made shoes can lead to lifelong health problems. Hopscotch Kids only supplt footwear from the best manufacturers for the good health of your children’s feet.

Meticulous Fitting for Their Future

The fitting gauge is only a guideline or starting point. What the gauge states and the size you end up with may very well differ

Get your child’s feet checked regularly. He/she may not need a new pair of shoes but it is good to keep an eye on growth

The shoe you like may not be the shoe you end up buying. It depends on what best suits your child’s foot.

Podiatrists recommend that children’s shoes should be replaced 3-4 times a year. This is to prevent excessive wear and tear altering the structure of the shoe, to prevent feet from moulding to the shoe and to allow for new growth.

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